Things made and unmade

Unbelievably, we have overlooked the excellent Unmaking Things for so many years (link via). Born out of the Royal College of Art / Victoria and Albert Museum History of Design MA course – just like things itself – it is space for looking at new ways of talking about the study of design and objects. Topics include ‘ugly things‘, the design of the everyday and specific objects like the Malacca Cane, gingerbread house and the British plug socket. This publication began in exactly the same way, although the current editorial board has no connection whatsoever with the RCA and our academic rigour and intellectual scope has certainly coarsened over the past few years. Every now and again we toy with the idea of transforming things back into a print object. Would this be a raving folly?


By way of illustration, a selection of links from here and there. Apologies in advance for any inappropriate juxtapositions. Unusual homes from around the world / a selection of pervy vintage ads – ‘x-ray specs’, that sort of thing / a map of UFO sightings across the US / architects defend the indefensible / some thoughts on the Link Trainer, the first flight simulator / the lasting legacy of cassette tape / the Fallen of World War 2, a visualisation / Isopresso, a collection of balloon animals / expert answers questions on the life and work of Robert Smith.

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