About things magazine

things magazine was originally founded in 1994 by a group of writers and historians based at the Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art. things embodies the belief that objects can open up new ways of understanding the world, building on MA research and taking a curatorial eye out into the world. The course still exists and continues to actively publish the research it generates: visit the RCA/V&A HOD site for more information.

We’re now an independent magazine, totally separate from both the V&A and RCA. What began as a biannual home for new writing – essays, reviews, short stories and poems – about objects and their meanings has gradually evolved into this website. This site began as a way of promoting the magazine but quickly evolved into a regular weblog, starting in September 2001. The site also contains photography galleries, special projects, searchable archives, ten years of weblog posts and the occasional on-line only article.

To order back issues of the magazine or read our archives (1 through to 19-20), visit our archive page. To buy, click on ‘add to basket’ and our friends at PayPal will handle the rest. Our printing schedule used to be biannual, but now it’s just occasional. This means you can’t subscribe any more, but if you’d like to be notified of new issues, drop us a line and we’ll keep you up to date. The latest issue, 19-20, is now available to buy.

Our postal address is: c/o 73 Danby Street, London SE15 4BT, UK


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