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Making waves
David Beckham
donkey jackets...
the bee's knees
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things 9
winter 1998-99
Ambrose Hogan
Coventry Cathedral
...and the theatre of war
Lisa Hirst
Dressing the part
Workwear for the home 1953-1965
Esther Leslie
The war on memory
Disappearances in Soviet photography

other things
Liz Boggis
Working to rule
Little, Brown & Company, London
Adam Zagejewski
Dutch painters
Laurel Blossom
Lena Lencek and Gideon Bosker -
Secker & Warburg, London
Flora Samuel
Generation games
Toys for mothers and daughters
Hildi Hawkins
Powers that be
The Work of Charles and Ray Eames
15 September 1998 - 4 January 1999
Jonathan Key
England vs. Argentina
World Cup Second Round
St Etienne, France, 30 June 1998
Greg Stevenson
Modern man Murray
Keith Murray, ceramics designer
C.S. Lewis
Dinner at the Beavers
Things in Narnia
Ruth Rau
Museums for beginners
The Museum of Collectors
The Bargehouse, London
13 November 1998 - 6 March 1999
American nursery rhyme
Jonathan Bell
Human races
Speed: Visions of an Accelerated Age
19 September - 21 November 1998
Liz Boggis
World of interiors
Pieter de Hooch 1629-1684
3 September - 15 November 1998
Wadsworth Athenaeum
Hertford, Connecticut, USA
17 December 1998 - 27 February 1999
Too much
Scottish stotting and skipping rhyme
Hannah Andrassy
Bright young things
Addressing the Century: 100 Years of Art and Fashion
Hayward Gallery, London
8 October 1998 - 11 January 1999
Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg, German
26 February - 23 May 1999
Hannah Ford
Play for today
Iona and Peter Opie - Children's Games with Things
Oxford University Press
Robert Crawford
The minister's marriage
Peter Davidson
Reflections on owning a donkey jacket
Jonathan Bell
Home and abroad
Houses in Children's Books
Prince of Wales's Institute for Architecture, London
5 October - 6 November 1998
Andrew Bolton
Selling the revolution
New China, Ancient Art : Lacquer from Yangzhou
Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fair, London
16 - 22 November 1998
Hildi Hawkins
Soila Lehtonen
Eat or be eaten
Jonathan Cape, London
Mrs Andrews
And then I got brave and started wearing trousers....
Stephen Watts
In a ceramic playground

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