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the bees knees
things 9
winter 1998-99
> So I've always taken him for clothes.
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Mrs Andrews
The bee's knees

I noticed one thing that made me laugh in this [the questionnaire] 'did I take my husband's advice?'. Ooh, I remember having a navy blue and white spotted dress.... I always used to go and have a look at things in shop windows, suss them all out during my lunch hour, and then when Dennis had finished, or at weekends, we used to go and shop, and he used to sit in a little shop at the door and I used to go and say what I wanted and try it on, open the curtains, he used to go... (nods), or... (shakes head) and I knew full well whether to have it or not. Whether he nodded or.... Shook his head. The girls had it all off. (laughs) And he never spoke he just went... (nods) or... (shakes head). And I knew not to buy it if he didn't approve. I always say other people look at you far more than what you look at yourself in the clothes. I should have hated to have walked out with Dennis down the street and [everyone] thinking 'well doesn't she look odd in that dress' and me thinking 'aren't I beautiful, don't I look the bee's knees' and him hating every minute of it. So I've always taken him for clothes.

In conversation with Lisa Hirst, West Dewsbury, Yorkshire

things 9, winter 1998-99