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Field studies
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winter 1994
One day, perhaps, we'll put this entire issue online. Watch this space

Editorial: In place of a manifesto

Isabelle Cartier, The Chesterfield ice-pails:
Diplomacy, drinking and silverware in the 18th century

Lisa Hirst, The comb as type-object:
Eighteenth-century hair care

Katherine Sharp, The rise and fall of fitted carpets:
Carpet production and design in the 19th century

Sarah Foster, The use of personality:
Alan Walton Textiles and screen-printing in the 1930s

Victoria Kelley, The shop as shop floor:
A short history of the cash register, 1878-1939

Stephen Escritt, Who are the public?
The meaning of design for the common good

Ann Kelly, What is a museum object?
Natural history and the new museology

other things

Hannah Andrassy & Lisa Hirst, Executive games
Designed in One,  Made in the Other:
New Products of Collaboration between Britain and Japan
Design Museum, London, 8 March - 5 June 1994

Leonie Stanton, The magpie millionaire
The Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Lettice Slugge, Field studies
Sarah Foster & Hildi Hawkins
While the Sun Shines: A Comparative Typology of Haystacks in the
Zakopane Region of Southern Poland
Hypothetical Press, London

Leena Krohn, A room of one's own
Extract from Doa Quixote and Other Citizens. Portraits
Translated by Hildi Hawkins

Christopher Breward, The dandy and the beau
Farid Chenoune, A History of Men's Fashion, Flammarion, Paris

Gillian Naylor, Back to the Bauhaus
Bauhaus Dessau, Germany

Hannah Andrassy, Industry in quiet places
Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Limited and the Mouseman Visitor Centre
Kilburn, North Yorkshire

Sarah Foster, Eating for victory
The Wartime Kitchen and Garden
Imperial War Museum, London, 28 October 1993 - 29 August 1994

Celia Joicey , Technology and nostalgia
Charles Francis Annesley Voysey:  Heart and Home
Design Museum, London, 18 January - 3 July 1994

Hildi Hawkins, Untrashing Fabergé
Fabergé: Imperial Jeweller
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 26 January - 10 April 1994

Victoria Kelley, From wonder to horror
Science in the Eighteenth Century: The King George III Collection
Science Museum, London

Eleanor John, These charming fans
The Fan Museum, London

Christopher Frayling, The lessons of ugliness

Jeremy Aynsley, Letter from Cracow
Report on a study visit to Cracow by the
Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art
MA Course in the History of Design, June 1994

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