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things 2
summer 1995
One day, perhaps, we'll put this entire issue online. Watch this space
Helen Clifford
The makers of old silver
Goldsmiths, their marks and methods of manufacture
Sarah Foster
A taste for the oriental
An 18th-century tea tub by Parker & Wakelin
Katherine Sharp
Lord Exeter's liking for cheese
A cheese plate by Parker & Wakelin
Ann Kelly
Ponds in the parlour
The Victorian aquarium
Rebecca Preston
Little English landscapes
Suburban gardens between the wars
Harri Kalha
The story of Matti &
Beyond good taste in Finnish design

other things
David Crowley
Market moderne
The invention of Polish art deco
Clive Hilton
Why is tennis so boring?
How technology trashed a game
Katherine Sharp
Time on their hands
A La Ronde
National Trust, Exmouth, Devon
Victoria Kelley
Of the people, for the people
The Pumphouse People's History Museum
The National Museum of Labour History
Liz Boggis
War into peace
World War II and the American Dream:
How Wartime Building Changed a Nation
National Building Museum
Washington, USA
Stephen Escritt
A date with death
Highgate Cemetery, London
Robin Kinross
All the stuff you need to know
Richard Hollis
Graphic Design: A Concise History
Thames & Hudson, London
Paddy Johnson
If you've got it, flaunt it
The Pierpoint Morgan Library
New York, USA
Jonathan Swift
Abolishing words
Extract from Gulliver's Travels,1726
Hannah Andrassy
Full teenage drag
Streetstyle  From Sidewalk to Catwalk. From 1940 to Tomorrow
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
16 November 1994 - 19 February, 1995
Jane Pavitt
Changing selves
Prague 1891-1941: Architecture and Design
City Art Centre, Edinburgh
22 October 1994 - 7 January 1995
Edwin Morgan
A view of things
Liz Boggis
Surviving the nine-to-five
Good Offices and Beyond: The Evolution of the Workplace
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
New York, USA
Ruth Levy & Andrea Owen
Ooh, Bodyform
Advertising and the female body
Lesley Miller
Covering the body
The Culture of Fashion: A New History of Fashionable Dress
Christopher Breward, Manchester University Press, Manchester
Leonie Stanton
Foodies and boozers
Tasty. Good Enough to Eat?
Royal Institute of British Architects, London
23 June - 4 August 1994
Clive Hilton
The invention of traditions
The 1995 Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition
16 March - 9 April 1995
Stephen Escritt
Beyond the godfather
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Years
Design Museum, London
4 April - 3 September 1995
Letter from Helsinki
A report on a study visit by the Victoria & Albert Museum/Royal College of Art MA course in the History of Design, April 1995
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