A Zig-Zagging Croatian Villa That Blends Into The Hillside, by Proarh Architects (at Ignant) / abstract art by John Taylor / we are building a new definition of authenticity for future generations to navigate: Actors are digitally preserving themselves to continue their careers beyond the grave vs Jet Li Turned Down The Matrix Because He Didn’t Want CGI Versions Of His Moves / the tale of Dulwich Hamlet / the making of Red Dead Redemption 2 / the Every Day Calendar. See also the Zzzz poster from Post Ratio for a more analogue solution / Time Traveler from Merriam-Webster – which words first emerged in which year? / Random Koyaanisqatsi Generator using found gifs (via b3ta) / elaborately packaged Hot Wheels 50th anniversary set / a short documentary on Migingo Island. And a gallery / Art on a Postcard, a secret auction / installations by Alberto Odériz

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