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From Dirty Modern Scoundrel, a blog by John Grindrod to accompany his book Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Postwar Britain, ‘Carry On Modernism‘. A collection of the ‘top five encounters between Carry On and Modernism’ (i.e. Kenneth Williams sneering at the Elephant and Castle) / The origins of 10 publishers’ names (both via Daniel Gray).


A Postal Treasure Trove: ‘In 1926, a seventeenth-century trunk of letters was bequeathed to the Museum voor Communicatie in The Hague, then as now the centre of government, politics, and trade in The Netherlands. The trunk belonged to one of the most active postmasters of the day, Simon de Brienne, a man at the heart of European communication networks. It contains an extraordinary archive: 2600 letters sent from all over Europe to this axis of communication, none of which were ever delivered.’


The story of searching for Noah’s Ark / record shopping in Mongolia / What happened to passenger hovercraft? / a new Pelican: Social Class in the 21st Century. Some old Pelicans / change afoot at the Peckham Car Park / the new issue of Anorak Magazine is all about the future / RETRO FUTURE, a short film by Mirai Mizue / The White Lady of Camberwell and other London characters, a post at the London Sound Survey.

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