You’ve been Glassed

Thirty-five arguments against Google Glass kicks off what is bound to be a hefty backlash against the intelligent goggles. See also this story, ‘Privacy ‘impossible’ with Google Glass warn campaigners and the discussion at Metafilter, which rounds up some other objections. The ’35 arguments’ are compelling enough, but we found one possible plus side. This great short BBC documentary about a teenager with face blindness (Prosopagnosia) offered up one hugely beneficial use for the technology, giving those with the condition an instant means of identifying people around them thanks to facial recognition. From this piece on Chuck Close, who also has Prosopagnosia, ‘it’s been described as being like a human trying to distinguish sheep based on their facial features, something simply incomprehensible in the same way as human faces.’ Nothing a quick database search couldn’t sort out instantaneously.


Other things. First steel thinning, now corrosive concrete…, a new scandal in Chinese construction / Strictly Cassette / SeaGlass, ‘a new aquatic-themed carousel experience’ designed by WXY for The Battery Conservancy. We’re waiting for the Marine Worlds Carousel instead, created by Les Machines de L’Ile in Nantes / Glad You’re Not There, a tumblr about postcards. See also Tom Phillips’ epic ‘The Postcard Century (at Amazon) / 64 Kilobricks, a Lego Commodore 64 / is it just us, or are GWB’s paintings strangely contemporary looking? / the best-designed car 2012 awards / Anti-Vitruv & Super-Brunelleschi, where architectural theory goes to multiply. A tumblr.

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