You’re the book that I have opened

Starting off with a track by track deconstruction of Massive Attack’s Unfinished Sympathy (via Ask MeFi) / two obituaries for the furniture designer Zeev Aram / staying with furniture, New York collective Fort Makers presents ‘Goodnight House‘, ‘a collection of furniture and objects inspired by the popular children’s book Goodnight Moon and its iconic, colorful interiors’. Bonus Susan Sarandon version / Aretha, Queen of the Charts, an interactive guide to Aretha Franklin’s chart career / a history of the Fiat Panda / how to be a car photographer / how to photograph in Antarctica / ‘This is your 2001 Read-Along Book. Kubrick Kids Stuff via B3ta. Actually explains the movie quite succinctly. ‘The brilliant colored lights! The unearthly landscape! Was he moving faster than time, faster than the speed of light?’ / Seduction of the Innocent, the 1954 study into the influence of comic books on today’s youth. The whole moral panic is available for perusal on the Internet Archive.

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