You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

A fascinating Video Game Map Size Comparison. See also, the Video Game Atlas, as well as this piece at Retromash, the beauty of retro video game maps. This in turn links to an illustrated story on the hand-drawn maps of Mark Howlett at Retro Games Collector. The days of DIY cartography are surely over, especially when faced with hundreds of square kilometres of lavishly rendered game space. Also see the unmappable (?) Manifold Garden (via RPS). Still related,’s collection of MS-DOS Games, playable in browser.


Other things. Animal magic, furniture and sculpture from the Collection Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne / illustrations by Owen Pomery (via Kottke) / car design concepts by Sydney Hardy / sharky art by Chris Austin / models and cinematic miniature photography by Felix Hernandez, via My Modern Net / illustrations by Corban Wilkin / moody modern cityscapes by SkieGraphicStudio / paintings by Magi Puig / Hidden Architecture, a tumblr / music by Earth Ship / When the Sun Hits, a music blog (remember those?) devoted to all things shoegazy and hazy / as the forgotten fruit recede further into history, it’s time for the Pink Lady to move over: there’s a new apple in town.

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