Wrapped in plastic

Will Self urges us to blame the forty-somethings, not the baby boomers or the hipsters (‘… the once proud artistic avant gardes of western Europe plummeting through clouds of frothy coffee, down into a brownish gloop comprising one part “crafted” gin to three of moustache wax.’) / undercover, the Hill House Box by Carmody Groarke / paintings by Simon Stalenhag / The dashboard of 7 cars through the years (via Carsthatnevermadeitetc) / 25 years of the Mercedes F100 concept / house prices through the decades / Jimi Hendrix’s isolated guitar on ‘All Along The Watchtower‘ / the sound of the Utility Perkolator MKII / sigh: Mmmm – interchanges, at Present and Correct / reimagination: What Would 6 Cities of the United States be like if Frank Lloyd Wright or Robert Moses had Designed Them?

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