Wowed and fluttering

Buoyed by the electro remake of the Twin Peaks soundtrack album, we present a small selection of of retro synth specialists: Full Eclipse / Rat Rios / The Deathless / Galaxy Knife / Robert Parker / Peturbator / / Who Ha / Amplitude Problem / The Astronaut Arcade / 20Six Hundred / see also a trio of MeFi posts: You cannot outrun the past because it is awesome; Retrofuturist 80s Synthwave; the Beyond Synth podcast / some more music things. Badalamenti on creating the music / Albums That Never Were (via MeFi) / SviSound creates handmade guitar pedals, like this Germanium fuzz unit / Pinchplant brings together music tech news from various sources (from where the above video of Konkreet Performer was taken), while Bloc has a brief history of modular synthesis.

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