Worse things happen at sea

A forthcoming academic study by Emma Spence on the world of superyacht acquisition and use lays bare the reality that these objects have very little discernible use value in the traditional anthropological sense. They also don’t function as assets, because they depreciate and cost approximately 5-10% of the purchase price to keep running. They’re therefore the embodiment of ‘conspicuous consumption’, their cost and extravagance beyond justification in an economic sense but presumably highly important in the dance of status / related, My First Gulfstream (via MeFi) / music: Peturbator; great Cure show in Paris from 2008 / paintings by Catherine Kehoe / paintings by Natacha Ivanova / Decoding the Infinite Forest, a photographic series by Douglas J.Eng / landscape paintings by Greta Van Campen / Project Mapping, ‘schematic maps of UK and worldwide rail networks’ / see also the Transit Maps tumblr.

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