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A colossal jumble of things today. Animated architecture, a series of entertaining gifs that reveal possibilities that quite probably already existed in the architects’ own minds / a post about Project U.F.O / A Long Time Ago in a China Far, Far Away… Star Wars reimagined / for some reason it’s been ages since we’ve dropped in on BLDG BLOG, and the post on Roentgen Objects, or ‘devices larger than the rooms that contain them’ is a typically Manaughian confection; the superbly complex furniture built by the Roentgens. The original animated architecture.


A fascinating post about a vanished era: The Judges of Miss World, 1970: Bombs, Blacks And The Angry Brigade. A missive about a bygone age / Loop live, 1989 / Curve live, 1992 / Joe’s Pedals / recommended music: The Echelon Effect / the Casio KX-101, with integrated tape recorder / This is Mars / Cars Move Us / Watching for Pigs on the Wing, a tumblr from Budapest. Recommended / arch and shit, a tumblr / Postwar Concrete Postscript, a tumblr with a brutalist focus / English Buildings, a weblog.

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