Wood and mazes

Moby is busy making the shift from musician to amateur architecture blogger to presenter. He’s no Meades, but the short film, Moby Celebrates LA Architecture is designed to whet your appetite for an upcoming exhibition, Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A, driven by The Getty. We like this illustration of the city’s massive scale on his own blog / sort of related, Wood Architecture in Vorarlberg, a happy little film about the virtuous circle of construction in this Austrian province – sustainable wood, cut and crafted locally and used to create contemporary, low energy buildings.


Mark Wallinger’s Tube Labyrinth’s splice together two of the underground network’s great tropes; a great client for avant-garde, modernist art and also a network that owes its reputation to the evolution of the abstract, simplified map. The final allusion – the dense impenetrable labyrinth – with a monster at its heart lurks in the minds of urban explorers everywhere. We once accidentally found ourselves the wrong side of a random door deep in the bowels of some central London station. It was still and quiet, with no immediately apparent way of getting back into the regular system / Flying Houses, a project by Laurent Chehere. See also two attempts at making the ‘Up!‘ balloon: One and Two.

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