Wonder me makes it ooh

A selection of pieces to read: The Finnish pocket computer that wants to take over the world / Inside the Secret World of Russia’s Cold War Mapmakers / How Esquire engineered the modern bachelor / the science behind fata morgana, a form of dynamic mirage that has confounded seamen for centuries / Raiders of the Lost Web, the challenge of conserving the dynamic internet, the dying links, the outdated code, the unpaid subscriptions and the shuttered servers. Things persist, but not always in the way we want them to. Cited in the piece, The Crossing, a ground-breaking longform piece from 1997 that spent a decade offline, surviving only on a DVD archive kept by the writer.


Sort of related. The MoMA Library tumblr brings together pamphlets and exhibition-related ephemera / Bamboo is the future of the world / meanwhile, ‘in London, you’d need an income of £77,000 and a deposit of £98,000’ to acquire one of the proposed new starter homes (‘for young Chinese investors’, in Private Eye’s words) / Ani-Gif, the art of the looping animation / the lost and found work of Evelyn Dunbar / the cabin at Longbranch / now and then, photo sites revisited and spliced together / starlings taking off at 200 frames per second / a new album by Shortwave Broadcaster, Trying To Envision Memory / backwards televangelists listening to Stairway to Heaven forwards.

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