Wishing I had a photograph of you

A random selection of things. This is sort of like a crowd-sourced Upside Down: Doodle Place / linocuts by Vanessa Lubach / music by Gurtwyrm; Love Family Robinson / Futuro House, in a different environment / gig reviews by Rob Weychert / Anthology Resource Vol. II: Philosophy of Beyond, an album of ambient works by Dean Hurley, David Lynch’s sound designer / Michigan Central and the rebirth of Detroit. The end of ruin porn? / Uninteresting Photographs (via The Morning News) / sadly related, Vice’s London Rental Opportunity of the Week / Amazon nomads are on a permanent quest for the unicorns of modern mass consumption / AI Portraits, let a computer reinterpret your self / a gallery of Livecams from around the world / on the beach: the instagrammers of Australia / art by Tito Merello Vilar / The Short Life and Strange Death of Maryland’s Ghost Fleet (via This isn’t Happiness) / one step closer to Mars / the Sony Walkman is forty. See also the Bluetooth tape deck / furniture by Ted Lott.

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