Wishful thinking

The utopian vision above would have been delivered by Ringway 1, the abandoned scheme to bludgeon an elevated motorway across south London / related, some scans from ‘Traffic in Towns‘, showing the different levels of urban redevelopment on offer / the Last Word on Nothing, a weblog by science journalists / Personified, a photography project about personal objects by Jason Travis, via Coudal / The Daily Grind, a weblog / sculpture by John Powers.


Modern Architecture, Heritage and Englishness (pdf), Nigel Whiteley’s 1995 essay makes us nostalgic just for the idea of nostalgia about modernism. It’s amazing the things we can, collectively, get ‘nostalgic’ about (a B-29 daylight raid on Kobe, June 1945? (larger at Melisaki, frequently nsfw)), implying that nostalgia is actually more of a core part of the modern being, an emotion that informs the way we respond to everything, new and old.


The Happy Pontist, all about bridges / Sabrina Campagna, a tumblr / a small set of Pelicans, kindly sent in to us. The logistics of integrating the main Pelican Project have defeated us / abandoned City Hall subway station / a selection of tumblrs: Fuck Yeah Science Fiction; Other Stuff My Kid Loves; Endaism / The Stuff Drawer / Nostalgia / Morph-O / Sebastian Fatale / The Authentic 1:48 Scale Roller Coaster.


TwentyFourBit, a music weblog / via Unreliably Witnessed / Phantom’s Reel To Reel Tape Recorder OnLine Museum / Japanese Vanning Madness / more speculation on the origins of Stuxnet / Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might be a regional pariah, but he had a lovely car / more Iran: Google Earth reveals Star of David on roof of Iran Air HQ. See also our favourite piece of wishful thinking, the Iran Air Concorde.


Escape into Life, an online culture magazine / ‘Some 140 ships are powered by more than 180 small nuclear reactors and more than 12,000 reactor years of marine operation has been accumulated.’ / Curtis tackles Mad Men, illustrated with footage and diagrams from the era, telling the story of USP versus ‘Motivational Research’ / Concentric Londons, 16 ways in which London is defined. At husk, in response to Where is London? at Suprageography


Cologne, the city without a memory. Last year’s collapse of the Cologne Historical Archive saw the destruction of tens of thousands of documents: ‘The archives included the minutes of all town council meetings held since 1376. Not a single session had been missed, making the collection a remarkable resource for legal historians.’ / No Mean City, architecture in Toronto / Daniele Delnero’s After Effects project; mouldy buildings (via Space Invading) / Eichler Homes Ephemera.

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