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The City Project has a huge collection of archive photos on its flickr pages / ‘How Bristol’s gracious mansions mask the shameful past of Britain’s links to slavery‘ / art by Simon Stalenhag / Levitation Magazine is a music blog / Dark Silence in Suburbia, an occasionally nsfw tumblr / Subtitlas, an architecture tumblr / see also Archisexture / the concrete art of the late Flora Ruchat Roncati / New York City Municipal Archives contains a treasure trove of 1980s tax photos / NYC Diners in the 1990s / The Architecture of the Incredibles (via MeFi). Related, from icon magazine, February 2005.


High heels and Private Equity, a typically Curtisian trip down the rabbit hole of modern culture, taking in Diana Dors, the rise of tabloid journalism, the robber barons of early twentieth century America, privacy violations, controlling husbands and – woven through all the above – light entertainment. See also, the codes that led to Diana Dors’ millions.


On the road again, Invisible Studio’s rather more narrative take on what we call The Wing Mirror Project / the work of artist Glenn Brown and the reappropriation of science fiction imagery (more) / America struggles with the architecture of museums / Hole & Corner, a publication celebrating craft and skill / Unseen Artists, a tumblr / Synapse Magazine, a digital archive of the 70s-era electronic music magazine.

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  1. How Bristol’s gracious mansions mask the shameful past of Britain’s links to slavery /

    get over it

  2. fein says:

    get over what? slavery? i don’t think “get over it” is something you want to tell people whose histories have been negatively altered by something such as slavery

  3. Kamilah R. says:

    “get over it”


    things magazine, please don’t apologize to people like this. I’ve quietly admired your blog for years, but this exchange disappoints me.

    • things magazine says:

      I’m sorry if you felt it was an apology. We just didn’t feel we could claim the editorial stance of the linked article as our own words (although of course we posted the link as we were sympathetic to its approach).

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