Whine and cheese

Reading Design is a repository for new and old writing about visual culture, from treatises on whether irony is killing design? to Sue Barr’s Autostrade photo series. The archive will grow as more is added in time / a colossal collection of mint and boxed toys from the 70s and 80s, including classic Nintendo Game & Watch consoles / While Londoners whine about gentrification, other cities long for it / don’t plug in that random USB stick / dark, intense images by Daniel Danger; animated book covers by Henning M.Lederer (the music is pretty good too, and we weren’t familiar with the source, Julian Montague Projects – most especially the fantastic Cars of the Seventies series); imaginary architectural constructions at the Square in Square Series by Oliver Michaels (we also like his Train project). All via this isn’t happiness.

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