Wheels within wheels

‘Design for converting the Crystal Palace into a tower 1,000 ft high! in commemoration of the World’s Fair and as a repository of science, art, manual and mechanical operations’. Thanks to Michael Robinson for pointing us in the direction of this earlier tower for London, following on from our post on ‘Early icons‘. He quotes from Bonhams’ lot description: ‘After the decision was made to move the Crystal Palace exhibition centre from its location in Hyde Park, proposals were invited to redesign the buildings. The architect Charles Burton proposed stacking the iron frame upwards to fifty storeys, thereby becoming the first person in the world to suggest constructing a skyscraper. His designs were published in The Builder in 1851/2.’ Also referenced in Owen Hatherley’s The Almost-Skyscrapers of Britain, 1829-1944.


Chinese Lamborghini replica. For some reason, the original Lamborghini Countach was a red flag to replica makers. At some point after the cars introduction, some cunning enthusiasts hired and example and set about making a glassfibre mould. There are probably more replicas out there than real cars / sort of related, RIP Sergio Pininfarina (although it was Marcelo Gandini who created the Countach, setting the tone and visual language for all Lamborghinis that followed) / the evolution of the F1 car, an animation by Rufus Blacklock / Picdit compiles art and imagery, including the beautiful paintings of Sarah Awad / our link to the cloudscapes of Captain Alfred Buckham inspired us to try Rise of Flight, a beautiful but unforgiving World War I flight simulator.

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