Wheels of 3D printed thermoplastic

Wonderful yet strangely inevitable, using 3D printing to make custom records for the Fisher Price record player (via Core77) / new book Instant: The Story of Polaroid (Amazon) has its own trailer / the Google Ground Truth project (via BBC News) – how the company pulls extra data off its vast repository of Street View imagery. “We have over 20 petabytes [21.5 billion megabytes] of imagery and have driven and published over five million miles of Street View roads.” Maybe related, scarily, ‘FBI to roll out $1 billion public facial recognition system in 2014‘.


Orangegodd, a design blog / the University of Westminster’s Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture / MeadesShrine is a Youtube user with fine taste in television / scans and excerpts from Sassy Magazine (via magCulture) / Alan Turing edition Monopoly. Pre-order it from Bletchley Park / two great posts from Daniel Gray; a collection of Chris Ware’s New Yorker covers relating to parenting and family and a nudge towards this repository of images of London’s Docklands in the late 1980s and beyond, many of which were taken post-abandonment, pre-Enterprise Zone.


Unto the Ends of the Earth, a tumblr associated with Tim Bryars Ltd, ‘an antiquarian bookshop specialising in antique maps and atlases in London’s West End’. A sample post on map cover art / Edible Geography, a blog about food, space and culture. Posts include the story of Smout Allen’s Universal Tea Machine installation and a fascinating post entitled Syrup Stockpiles, Wine Lakes, Butter Mountains, and Other Strategic Food Reserves. Highly recommended.

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