What’s the time, Mr Wolf?

216 foreign words for positive emotional states and concepts that we don’t have in English, Tim Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project. We are fuelled by Saudade and Natsukashii and a love of Volta, Koromebi, Thróisma and Wabi-sabi. Most of these, in fact / The audacious rescue plan that might have saved space shuttle Columbia, a lengthy fantasy – and sadly it is just that – about a hypothetical plan to save the astronauts aboard Columbia by launching another shuttle / the story of Herb Lester, purveyors of bespoke maps, at The Holborn / the problem with intellectual property theft: Core77 on the knock-offs that flood Chinese e-commerce sites / paintings by Seth Armstrong / videos from the Architecture Foundation / we love a magazine archive. ‘Five million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online’ at American Radio History (via MeFi) / an auction of erotic timepieces and odd taxidermy, and other things.

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