What these trays have seen

Photographs of developer trays by John Cyr: ‘By titling each tray with its owner’s name, I reference the historical significance of these objects in a minimal manner than evokes thought and introspection about what images have passed through each individual tray’ (via Coudal) / Felix Wilson, a tumblr / the invisible funfair: Buenos Aires – Inception Park / inside and outside the Paul Rudolph-designed Orange County Government Center, NY / apologies to Christophe Gowans for not crediting his DK/Patti Smith mash-up a couple of days ago. Gowans has created a vast library of these Record Books, some of which are for sale as postcards at The Rockpot / The Origin of Photoshop. A Photoshop history with rather more images / 35 in 52: Discovering the real Los Angeles.

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