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Not content with iPad content, a good list of do’s and don’ts for the transition from print to pad at Barac Consulting (via MagCulture). ‘The creatives are not grappling enough with the problems of interface and user experience, or about touch or how the devices are used. Too much is put into making the ipad version LOOK like the print version’. Historically there’s been some confusion when print and technology come together – the short-lived CD-Rom magazine trend, for example (with some even directly comparing iPad to CD-Rom).


Wikipedia’s page on disk magazines is surprisingly light on titles; today, those transitioning to iPad are mostly existing titles, rather than new launches. But… the curiosity that drives online admiration for editorial is a near 50/50 split between design and content; things to read and things to look at. A good article or a great layout endures for decades, as evidenced by textual archives or the many collections of scans that litter the internet. Can a fancy slice of multimedia possibly have the same effect?


‘An intimate house on a busy London street, the home of Khadambi Asalache has been saved for the nation due to its extraordinary interior’. More images, a biography of the artist, Khadambi Asalache and a relevant blog post at drama st marys. Related, rich interior treatments at The Interior Prospect.


A revisit for sure, Serial Consign, ‘Digital Culture & Information Design’ / images of Epping Forest by Alicia Hart / Paperweight, ‘a new newspaper of visual and material culture.’ / Iris likes and loves, graphic design-focused tumblr / I_II_III, a tumblr / Yoshime has a blog / it’s never summer, a tumblr / The Domino Magazine Files / Cartographer’s Guild, ‘a forum for cartography enthusiasts’.


‘The official blog of Sketchbook Magazine‘ / p.p.a, a tumblr / Fotografie Haiko Hebig (weblog) / Vending Spree: ‘I am going to consume and review every item in my office vending machine and there is nothing you can do to stop me‘ / The Pages, Scraps, Books, Magazines, Scans and Collage! Pool.

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  1. Shelf Appeal says:

    All those nice links and I get distracted by the pretty picture of hats.

  2. harem6 says:

    So happy to have found you!
    All the best for 2011!

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