What happens next

More unintended consequences / why Bitcoin is so bad for the planet / In the late 1960s, Shelter asked photographer Nick Hedges to document homes in the UK that were unfit for human habitation (via Fishstickmonkey). More by Nick Hedges, including The City That Was, lost industrial urbanism / crashing juxtaposition, apologies. A new estate agent, Inigo. From The Modern House folk. See also five names shaking up the design industry / other intriguing intelligent designs by matteo loglio / more smart thinking, the Re-Move, a collaboration between Wallpaper*, Konstantin Grcic, Polestar and Hydro / recommended rock docs / recommended short film, a ‘drone’ goes bowling / a collection of Oud Mercedes Brochures / paintings by Casey Klahn / other art by Justin Tyler Close / art by Polly Morgan / art by John Clark / art by Esther Cox / art by Rosa Roberts (all via Blue Shop Cottage).

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