What happens next

A compelling short film by Meghna Gupta on what happens to cast-off clothes at Aeon. The film looks at the journey made by 100,000 tonnes of ‘rag’ to garment recyclers in the Indian city of Panipat. The garment slashers, button strippers and teaser machine operatives muse on why so much is discarded; one rumour is that there’s a terrible water shortage in the West and it is too expensive to wash clothes / Wallpaper*’s 2020 publishing highlights / the Top 20 most popular homes on The Modern House / Hackney in the 80s / 50 years of automotive testing at Millbrook / what are the most boring topics? Careful now / foreverbroke creates intense video mash-ups / the Aircraft Engine Historical Society / internet archaeology, on its way to becoming archaeology itself / extraordinary art objects, taxidermy, plastercasts and more for sale at the Anyhoe Park Estate Auction next month.

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