Whales and tall tales

Hugh Pearman has a far more thoughtful piece on Le Roi des Belges (‘the boat that’s a house on top of a London concert hall’), with interior images of the (ironically) named mock steamer’s bedroom for two / Arts and Gamecraft, a weblog about analogue games / flickr finds, Colossal pulls the best images from the site / Obscure and Offbeat Cinema, a tumblr / the art of Akira Yamaguchi (see above) at Field of Vision / Sounds of the sea: Listening online to the ocean floor. Takes us back to the classic Ribena – Sounds Of The Sea flexidisc (narrated by Michael Aspel).


The Ordos Museum is a cultural building seemingly adrift from context and culture itself, if the photographs are anything to go by / elsewhere in China, time-lapse construction of a 15-day building / B-Side Architecture in Columbus, Indiana / photographs by Dmitry Savin / The Stylo, a video blog / !!!, a tumblr / Le Connaisseur, an art history tumblr / Florence White, a tumblr / a Creative Commons image browser / Swallowed by a whale — a true tale?

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