Welcome to 2022

Why do we hate newer music the older we get? / Music, Makers and Machines, a Google Arts and Culture project for fans of early music technology / Golden Hymns Sing ‘Hurrah’, post rock from New York / Lebenswelt, gloomy atmo-folk from Italy / the best experimental music of 2021 / smart punky outbursts from Savak / the Lemonheads, live in 1987 / One-minute time machine, a short film / pictures of vanishing coastlines / London to Bath by Mk2 Jaguar, July 1963, at the Wiltshire Byways page (via Newbury Today) / M.R.James’s A Warning to the Curious, 1972, via Wyrd Britain.

Art selections. Landscapes by Louisa Longstaff-Scales / paintings by Tracy Everly / oil paintings by Michael Weller / art by Emily Thomas / paintings by Peter Jones / paintings by Michele Fletcher / paintings by Geraldine Swayne / a chance discovery of the existence of the Commissioners in Lunacy led us to the art collection amassed by Edward Adamson, and Simon Cornwell’s archived exploration of the long-demolished Cane Hill Hospital / a depressing infographic of American mass shootings / Prince of Persia online / meticulous remote controlled miniatures by Danny Huynh.

The Paper Bag Archive / the Plastic Bag Museum (via i-D) / related, the Sainsbury Archive / we weren’t aware, until we read this, that Mark Woods of Wood S Lot, died in 2017 / celebrating those we lost in 2021 / visual essays at The Pudding / SF Girl has an eye / browse the Mace Archives of amateur films.

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