Welcome, 2019

Timothy Bird’s The Great North Wood is a masterly graphic work. A available from Avery Publishing / an interactive American gun violence map / building an F1 car in cardboard / a selection of AI-generated cars. Some are quite convincing / retracing the locations of classic reggae covers, an insight into old London / related, London’s East End in Colour by the late David Granick / a peek inside Beth Olem, the cemetery that was swallowed by a GM plant / Bath at Night, paintings by Nick Cudworth / Geoff Dyer on the pleasure of reading unread books, all in the spirit of a new year clear out / all the negative talk accompanying the new version of Watership Down reminded us of OWSLA by Fall of Efrafa, the first (only?) crust punk concept album based on Richard Adams’ book / ‘a Canadian landmark’, a celebrated steel house by Arthur Erickson / Home-coming, Vice writers go back to their roots / a happy new year and big thanks to all our readers.

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