Welcome, 2018

Google mapping versus Apple mapping and the use of ‘commercial corridors’ as mental maps for urban navigation: ‘areas of interest‘. Sort of related, Strava Art. See also this then and now series, aerial views of Chicago taken in 1914 with video from today / The guidebook that led me to a lost corner of England / The People’s History of Tattooine / Rachel Laine’s flickr stream is full of retro inspired audio graphics (and many nsfw imagery) / the story of Jaguar’s lost ‘F-type’, the XJ41 and 42 / VCV Rack, ‘an open-source virtual modular synthesizer’ (via MeFi). Related, how to make techno / the Occasional blog of Tobias Revell / the Lazzarini Design Hover Coupe / At Least 1000 Tigers, illustration by Molly Fairhurst. Happy new year.

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