Weekly things

Rock cartography: this is Spinal map / U T O P I A, a project by photographer Christopher Ashlin / the furniture of George Jakob Hunzinger / art by Belinda Jayne Ayres / Little Ones, a rather moving short documentary film / synth artists profiled at analogue craftsman / poetry from Gerry Mitchell / art by Deborah Klein / bring back Interstate 76 / Unequal Scenes, aerial photography by Johnny Miller / Modernist Estates on the Grenfell Tower Fire / Anywhere, ‘A mythogeography of South Devon and how to walk it’ / Adam Buxton’s Soundcloud is worth your time / there is a new-old Age of Empires / a New York Times feature on the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race / Daniel Eatock’srepaired vehicles‘ project is now a book from Draw Down / drawings and abstract architectural concepts by Noam Saragosti / a short history of microdots / Dirt Meridian, photographs by Andrew Moore.

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