Weekend link selection

Vintage Children’s Books My Kid Loves, a very excellent website / related, links to book cover art / Morning Type, a daily selection of typographical imagery and inspiration / the world’s oldest colour film footage, non hand-coloured, dating from 1902 (engadget) / re-inventing the wheel: spherical drive for omnidirectional vehicles (Core77) / a collection of extraordinary automotive Baroque: Spanish hearses from the 1920s onwards, found via My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning / fleeting everything, a tumblr (occasionally nfsw) / Woolly Muffler, a tumblr / crafty things at Three Potato Four / In video: Carbuncle Cup shortlist 2012.


Collision Detection has a story on “El Ajedrecista“, ‘an analog chess-playing computer from 1912’. Related, Rooked, a tale of ‘avant-garde [and] unsportsmanlike conduct’ in the game of chess (via MeFi) / the Google Art Project on the collection of the Imperial War Museum / FYB writes a love letter to concrete / contemporary woodwork by George Thompson / the art of Thomas Moran, at Poul Webb / Travels with Gloria, a weblog / Home Studios Are Killing Music / ‘Lost Furniture Design Classics: Sesam-Bar by Oeseder Möbel-Industrie‘ at smow Blog / all about Aspen magazine.


Since we posted the Pelican Project a few years ago we often get rounded up in lists of cover design blogs and book projects. The latest to come our way is the Creased Spine Project, a response to Penguin’s cunning Impress a Penguin campaign, wherein they turn job applications into open creativity competitions / the weblog of Marcus Westbury / Levittown, a suburb at 60 / projects by Jonathan Gitelson’s including Out of This World (which ‘presents a debunking of Brady Bunch episode #110. In it, Greg Brady creates the illusion of a UFO in his bakyard in order to prank his two younger brothers. Despite his explanation of his UFO rig, a number of questions about its plausibility remained.’) and Items of Clothing Secretly Hidden By My Girlfriend (So I Wouldn’t Wear Them Anymore).

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