Wednesday Wanderings

Still no coherent thread / need more screens? Try the Aurora 7. Compare and contrast with Oriol Ferrer Mesià’s modern retro terminal (linked by b3ta / Tape Wizard, a film about Randall Taylor’s Amulets project, which explores the ‘artifacts and lo fi sounds of cassette audio processing and tape loops’ / a new media precursor: the work of Yoichiro Kawaguchi / the Orbita ‘transform colours in music’ (via Gear News) / Audibly spits out random online sound experiments / the Radio Garden is a compulsive browse (via MeFi) / an auction of Beastie Boys Memorabilia / early aerial navigation: Keep Direction By Good Methods / Inside the warehouses where dud Amazon orders go to be reborn / a list of tallest statues / photography by James Barnor / why the BBL is the world’s most dangerous cosmetic surgery / Oddball films / BMC Crash Tests (1961-1965) / bold instrumentals by IS/WAS / more heavy stuff from Desbot.

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