We can remember it for you, wholesale

The Dutch Mountain House features an admirable reuse of an old Jaguar. This certainly isn’t recycling, or even upcycling. Perhaps downcycling? / related, Fantastic Journal on the visual symbolism of the Volvo 240 in mainstream Hollywood movies / exploring applications for physics engines in urban modelling. Wait until the ad agencies get wind of the giant bouncing red balls / data visualisation of 10,000 taxi journeys in New York. More. Both at Digital Urban, via David King / updates on China’s super-swift pre-fab skyscrapers.


Eight covers by Noma Bar for Wallpaper magazine / interiors from the peak of laid back 70s interior style at From Moon to Moon / graphic work by Komboh / An Aesthete, a tumblr / Alla Kinda Favourites, a tumblr / Illustrated Gents, a tumblr / hullahbaloo, a tumblr / Tumblring Tumbleweeds / Chancr, a tumblr / Mid Century Modern Graphic Design, a tumblr / Evie Adams is an illustrator / sending a Lego space shuttle into space / Clive Thompson on how Retro design is crippling innovation, thanks to the existence of skeuomorphs, ‘bits of design that are based on old-fashioned, physical objects.’


An Interview with Nicholas Felton, Dan Hill talks to the Feltron Designer about his life in data (via the legendary annual reports), his personal data tracking site Daytum (‘added 50.0 Washing & Dressing to “How Time is Filled in Exile”) and how this obsession with statistics, time and memory has come together in Facebook’s controversial Timeline feature). The embellishment and presentation of digital memory and the potential perils that come with it: ‘Without forgetting, we are compelled to live in the past, to feel the weight of memories obscuring our ability to live in the present, to act.’

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