Ways of seeing

Nightingale, the journal of the Data Visualization Society / Get Offset, a channel about guitars and effects / Wirebird make beautiful guitars / ‘ambient post-rock’ by In Inertia / more music by First Dates / paintings by Stanley Bielen / Same.Energy, a visual search engine. Ideal for the Insta age / a compilation of silent movie era car stunts / the Lilium Jet is aiming for an uncertain sky / from the unlikely to the ridiculous, Dartz make horrific automobiles. That is all / someone should splice City Guesser with altRamsgate. Remember Crap Towns / things you can buy produce great London Walking Guides to contemporary architecture / photographs by Celine Marchbank / revdancatt, making pen plotter art / art, design and architecture books at Hamonika Koshoten / an American study shows that EV Owners Drive Half As Many Miles As Other Drivers / music by Coed Pageant / Ghostly Noises, a tumblr / Subject Matter, an online journal about art / The Good Times for Life, exploring wellness / what were the first words transmitted by or recorded to new methods of communication and storage?

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