Waves and ribbons

Stealth Iconography: The Waveform looks at how the digital waveform has come to represent music and how the waveform itself is finding its way back into the physical world, mostly in gimmicky but evocative objects, like the sound waveform bracelet that got a lot of coverage when it was proposed a couple of years ago (it was by the Sound Advice Project, which no longer seems to exist, but the man behind the idea, David Bizer, has also created the Waveform Necklace by David Bizer). The post also notes the prominence the waveform plays on sites like SoundCloud and Freesound.org but doesn’t mention the relatively recent trend for using waveforms as a tell-tale sign of over-compressed music, one of the casualities of the digital era. Compression is killing music and the oft-cited Volume Wars. See also Sarah Marshall’s wire 3D waveforms and James Clar’s 3D wave sculpture in the Rolex Tower, Dubai.


At last, a website that acts as a handy repository for all the unbuilt, the unbuildable and the unbelievable in contemporary architecture: GHAZZ + Architecture / Legoflesh / Stromkult, new electronic music device blog (via Schneidersladen) / depressive inc, gloomy mixtapes / typewriter ribbons / a slide show of anatomically correct educational dolls / Marroww, a tumblr / The 60W bulb: A luminary love affair, on the now unavailable 60w bulb. Take a visit to the Bulb Museum to reminisce.

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