Watching the skies with jaded eyes

Kottke made the point a couple of days ago that the USAF’s recent casual announcement about its now-defunct UFO division – and the release of a couple of blurry but presumably far more authentic films than have ever been seen before – was swiftly overtaken by the rampant insanity of the modern news cycle. Are we all just more jaded and cynical? Is the idea of unknown (non-alien) machinery capable of incredible feats simply accepted? A true conspiracy theorist would posit that this soft peddling of hard news is a way of preparing us for a grand announcement about Oumuamua (good work there with the Lovecraftian name generator), but it turns out that it was just a rock. The possibilities were endless.


Other things. Dynamicland, an ‘authoring environment’ / music from Dronningen / The House that Edek built, a tale of war, escape, redemption and architecture / photographs by Ivan Jones. See also his project This is Landform / photographs by Yiannis Hadjiaslanis / at home with Ricardo Bofill, part of Nowness’s In Residence series / Make Anything, a YouTube channel about 3D printing.

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