Circuit Boards for recycling in Guiyu, Guangdong Province, China. Photo by Edward Burtynsky

Arkinet on American Ship Breaking, an essay at The Center for Land Use Interpretation entitled ‘It All Comes Apart at the Bottom of America‘. An extract: ‘The third ship breaking site in the USA is at the very bottom of the country, in Brownsville, Texas, just a few miles from Mexico. This is where the vast majority of the nation’s federal ships are broken apart. A 15 mile-long channel, made from scratch from 1934-1936, connects the Port of Brownsville to the ocean, at South Padre Island. Built inland to protect the port from hurricanes, not much occurs along the channel’s first ten miles.’


Ken Hollings, a weblog / Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover / Needled, a weblog / the life and work of Edward Ardizzone / Terminal Collection, the J.G.Ballard cover archive / Alice for the iPad / a good time to discover Flightradar24; when practically all flights are grounded. The skies are curiously quiet today / wallpaper launches an iPhone app / the Domus iPhone app.


Korut, Rhodius, ENN, tumblrs / Return to Bohemia on the paper art of Masahiro Chatani / enter the Miniature Railway World / Every Painting in the MoMA, a short film. See also Jason Polan’s The every piece of art in the museum of modern art book / Spiegel sounds off about the ‘mangled rollercoaster‘. We wonder if this particular structure was in any way influenced by the decidedly avant-garde Olympic Logostill raising the hackles of design commentators (although we actually think it looks quite good on a UPS truck).


The Effects of a Global Thermonuclear War, via this Reddit question, ‘How long would a full-fledged nuclear exchange between Russia and the United States actually last?‘ / labour conditions in Chinese Gadget Factories. The flipside of an industry with plenty of other dirty secrets. More here: E-waste, ‘The Dirty Secret of Recycling Electronics’. See also Edward Burtynsky’s photography and the film Manufactured Landscapes / why not try a monumental virtual city instead: Magnasanti (via me-fi), a triumph of rigorous planning and endless time.

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