Warm electronics

Material Matters is a new podcast about objects and making by the design writer and critic Grant Gibson / Synchedelia: Beyond the Dark Side of the Rainbow, which links to the epic MovieSyncs.com and Alternative Synchs, but fails to mention Godlflesh Superstar (Godflesh’s Anthem meets Jesus Christ Superstar). Another fascinating music piece: An Oral History of Electronic Music in East Germany, both via the excellent Red Bull Music Academy Daily / sort of related to the East German link, a collection of Stoic Electronics (via Kottke), including this Soviet home automation concept design, the Sphinx project, 1987. Some more about Project Sphinx (‘When the USSR tried to change the computer forever’). Back to the haunted world / ‘A race against time’: urban explorers record vanishing Hong Kong / a found object: wooden chapel in Bavaria by John Pawson.

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