Walking cities

The ability to walk to an airport should be the new gold standard of accessible urbanism. The Curbed piece is also worth it for ‘Walkable City Rules author Jeff Speck’s urbanist take on the ubiquitous meme’ / Studio Job sets out confidently to break conventional web design / a fictional part of East London is costing £86.7m, presumably because it’s being a) built in Hertfordshire and b) being built for high definition television, a medium where cardboard and MDF no longer cut it. Check out the existing Walford on Google. Movie sets make for intriguingly jarring virtual tourism. Western Town at Paramount Ranch was recently burnt to the ground in the last round of Californian wildfires. The abandoned movie set has also provoked a frisson amongst urban explorers / a triumverate of interactive sites: Stars, a Chrome experiment that puts a galaxy in your browser; Complexity Explorables are ‘interactive explorations of complex systems in biology, physics, mathematics, social sciences, ecology, epidemiology and [more]’; Sandspiel, hours of pixellated fun / La Casa Telematica, high-tech living, 80s-style / Owner who demolished famed San Francisco house must build replica. A rare example of architectural schadenfreude. See also Demolishing Modernism.

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