Walk like an Egyptian

A triumph of miniaturization: making Lego displays for real / see also The User Experience Design of Lego Interface Panels, at the resting and hopefully refreshing Kottke / this is where all the old cars went, the legacy of the UK’s 2009 Vehicle Scrappage Scheme / a rare opportunity to buy a house by John Outram, The Egyptian House / it turns out that superyachts are incredibly fragile, made from “costly, and perishable materials: marble, gilded metal fittings, sensitive carpets, silk, precious woods and leathers, teak decking, mirror polished stainless steel and a high gloss paint system…. Without the right care, and the kind of temperature and humidity controls normally used to preserve valuable artworks, the captain said the Amadea would “rapidly deteriorate”, leaving “an unsaleable hull”” / photography by An-Sofie Kesteleyn / Generative Artworks / play with parameters at Sliderland / old Japanese guitar catalogues.

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