Vue des Alpes

Utterly random selection today. Download NASA’s latest view of Earth / the world’s next tallest tower will be in Azerbaijan? / two cartographic destinations: UltraMapping (via MeFi), including links to Cameron Booth’s series of U.S. Routes as Subway Maps / Cartophile (also via MeFi).


A London Street Scene, posted by feuilleton is an 1840 print by John Parry that captures the sheer density of street information in the Victorian age. The page also links this collection of imagery of street life in London / JG Baker, a tumblr / Vue des Alpes is an ongoing project by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg, the creation of a fictional Alpine retreat, digitally modelled down to every last detail.


Can a building be patented? Apple thinks so / In the Badlands. Backstage, a tumblr / Pierre Koenig house for sale /the Lancia Sibilo Bertone / the photography of Matthias Heiderich. Both links at / see also Japanese Nostalgic Car / scavenging Detroit / Essential Dynamics, ‘Home of the 3D Food Printers… It opens up a wide variety of materials that maybe utilized, including, silicone, epoxy, organics, cheese, foods, and chocolates. You are only limited by your imagination.’

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