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Election Aesthetics ‘follows UK General Elections from a visual culture, aesthetic and design perspective’. Posts include this musing on Polling Station design / Driving in the 1980s, a gallery of pictures by Chris Dorley-Brown taken in 1987. Reminiscent in tone of (and prefiguring) Martin Parr’s A to B: Tales of Modern Motoring / old but fun: Windows 93 / probably linked before, but we like the cultural nous of The Alternative Shipping Forecast / Objects of Affection, a gallery of still lives by Maurizio Di Iorio / Department of Design, a weblog / Canon’s XC10, the first true ‘convergence camera‘ that combines stills and video in an indistinguishable package / The Space History Sale, an irresistable collection of space memorabilia at Bonhams / Insta Reyog is an almost unnavigable site that sneakily collates huge collections of high-res artwork, for example a 14-part series on Paul Cezanne.

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