Voice command

Duck! The Death Star over San Francisco / The Air Pump / Building a Magnetic Tape Recorder from Scratch, (1949-1952) by Hans G. Mesch (via Scientific Illustration) / Mysterious Railway Posters Depict the Dreamy Allure of Deco-Era Japan / Blue Jam / Casting Call Woe, massively depressing collection of allegedly real requests (via pb).


WASH! The sonic possibilities of white goods (‘I am still interested in ( sound) contributions for this project, please do not hesitate to send me a recording of your machine doing a 40° ( 104° F ) colour wash, or be so kindly to forward my request to anyone you know who could be interested to record her / his too.’) / related: Twin Tub With Guitar, Bill Woodrow, 1981 / above image taken from Voices of East Anglia.


Spritz?. Someone should put this tech into massive billboards. Shades of They Live / Gotham City, the architecture of skiing, photography by Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup / The Digital Antiquarian, ‘an ongoing history of computer entertainment’ / art, illustration and more by Larissa Mantel / This is Paper, an outlet for the chalky, washed out, linen shirted, lightly bleached turned-wood modernist aesthetic.


Draw! The Drawing Room, an exhibition of new artists in South London (more info), including Fran Giffard, Philippa Merrett, Jessica Moxham, Saori Parry and Sally Rendel.

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