Visiting imaginary places

Our apartment, by Topsy Design, another contemporary exponent of ‘living over the shop‘, or rather, ‘living within the shop.’ Whereas traders once used to shoehorn their living quarters above their working quarters, the evaporation of production and the growth in very specialist retail means that LOTS has evaporated. Instead, LWTS will become more and more commonplace thanks to the combination of curated personal spaces and increased pressure on urban housing.


London Underground button badges. Wait for the iron grip of LU’s enforcement officers to catch wind of this / this is slightly perverse, Collider’s reimagining of FallingWater for the Ministry of Sound’s Chillout Sessions XII (via Ian Claridge), a mash-up of modernism, the Mad Men aesthetic, tilt-shift photography and the ongoing model-making revival. Related, SCB links to this Architectural Models tumblr / art by Dexter Dalwood.


Many thanks to Architectural Review for the mention, and for pointing us towards The Day After You Die and Japanese Scientists, two image-heavy sites, doing what tumblrs and their ilk do best; present the visual highlights from what appears to be a life of constant hedonism and aesthetic perfection / designboom’s Venice Architecture Biennale coverage is amongst the most comprehensive there is. Given the cornucopia of quite literally instant online coverage, whereby the key events of each day are tweeted, streamed and blogged as they happen, one starts to question the wisdom of attending the Biennale at all.


Ugly Vegas Carpets Want You to Keep Playing: ‘casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble’ / Western Motel: Edward Hopper and Contemporary Art, an exhibition that ‘concentrates on Hopper’s influence on cinema’ / Imperials, a tumblr / classic hip hop covers in Lego / art by Paul Cummings (detail above).

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  2. D Mann says:

    The ugly carpet conspiracy theory must be true,How else can you explain it? can’t be lack of money

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