Visions of a life

The James Bond Corgi Aston Martin / an online book fair / art by Callum Eaton / live in a concept house in Milton Keynes / the Winnebago Heli-Home / paintings by Sarah Connell / why imaginary adverts became so popular in the USSR / New Home Quality Control, a sad indictment of contemporary housebuilding in the UK / Nestflix, films within films, via MeFi / Afterness, Artangel in Orford Ness, Suffolk (via the Guardian) / paintings by Damian Elwes / synths by Make Noise / AeroFiat, a project by Alain Bublex, who conjures up alternative technology and design futures and makes them ‘real’. Other projects include the Plan Voisin, exploring how Archigram’s visions might have appeared, and a constructed vision of the modern American Landscape.

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