Various views of the city

Various views of the city. George Davis is innocent still lingers on in East London. A campaign against the wrongful conviction of an armed robber (later convicted for another armed robbery…), it resulted in scattered graffiti, damaged test wickets / attention to detail: ‘I’m building a small N-gauge layout which is meant to be set in East London (somewhere between Fenchurch St and Barking); the trains run on a viaduct. It’s set in the 1970s/early 80s’ / photographs by Henrietta Williams / Extreme climbing in Moscow, together with a photo gallery of the adventures of Marat Dupri. The Russian ‘skywalking‘ offers the armchair architectural explorer plenty of entertainment, not least for the glimpses of rusting neo-Constructivist structures, purpose and precise location unknown. More imagery at this Livejournal. Image above is of Vladimir Shukhov’s tower in Moscow’s Shabolovka Street.


485 Nicolosi Estate was ‘built in 1931 and designed by Paul Revere Williams in the Mediterranean Revival style… the mansion’s spectacular grounds include a serpentine swimming pool three hundred feet in length.’ Williams’ client was commissioned by Johnny Weissmuller, Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer and movie star. It’s hard to see the 300 foot construction on Google maps, as the densely planted gardens of these hillside compounds obscure the treasures within. That part of the world is certainly a fun place to snoop around. Weissmuller died in 1984. ‘As his coffin was lowered into the ground, a recording of the Tarzan yell he invented was played three times, at his request’. The actor has another association with abandoned architecture, the Tropical Wonderland themepark in Titusville, Florida.

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