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Architecture for Astronauts has never really got over the fact that Raymond Loewy worked on Skylab (Skylab Archive) and Future Systems co-founder David Nixon went off to the US to work with NASA / related, the work of Architecture and Vision, including Moon Base Two / in 1996 the world’s space designers went off and designed birdhouses. They did some more in 2008, both as part of the Birdhouse Project (‘Using the image of a birdhouse, the Birdhouse Project aims to bring awareness to others about the future of our planet earth.’) / revisiting a great comment about speculative war in space, which will involve ball bearings, physics and not a lot else.


The architecture of fire: Staufler Hauser’s Brandhaus II is a neo-brutalist structure designed to be set on fire again and again and again. Reminscent of the classic Aviation rescue training simulators. Transit City has a collection of Richard Mosse’s series ‘Airside‘, showing these devices in action / related, Fire-fighting aircraft from around the world / decoy airfields of WWII / the Elemment palazzo is a luxury motorhome concept, bearing the signature style of Luigi Colani.


Hall Road, imagery by Leigh Tuplin / ‘Negatives bought at a Chicago auction expose Vivian Maier’s hidden talent. At Eye blog / images of Inverkip Power Station, mothballed since 1988. More at Secret Scotland. It also has its own website / Periodic Table of Swearing / Plink, an interactive music maker (chrome only) / a well-curated flickr photostream is a thing of joy: Hubmedia / images of the the Pyrex Museum. More. See also the Pyrex Museum in the Attic.

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